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Our Value-Add Services


We assist in the recruitment and configuration of full-time, part-time and dispatch staff as well as hiring of consultants in accordance with the company's resources and business requirements.

Talent Management

We help reduce human resource costs and improve personnel risk management, and enhance employee loyalty.

HR Transformation

We assist management in establishing innovative and sustainable organizational structure and staffing configuration.

Coaching and Learning

We coach top and senior management for goal alignment and driving changes

Our Insights

Transformation to HR 4.0

Companies strive to transform to INDUSTRY 4.0 to meet technology challenges and innovation needs for achieving better scale, scope and speed in business.

The Human Resource function has an even more pressing need to transform to HR 4.0, as it has often taken a supporting role in many companies instead of being one of the leading functions.

Corporate Transformation for Innovation

Many senior management have asked me how they could bring innovation into their companies as they see the technology tsunami upcoming which may likely change and even disrupt many business ecosystems and business models. Some realize that innovation is becoming something not ‘nice-to-have’, but a matter of survival.

Human Capital Strategy a Critical Success Factor for Blockchain Companies

In this year, the blockchain and crypto world has successfully caught the attention of the public. Valuation of many crypto currencies and blockchain companies have gone parabolic, sometimes only based on ideas in whitepapers. More industries are seeing the potential power of the blockchain technology and are starting to invest internally or externally to explore their potentials.

Roles of the HR Function in the Digital Transformation Era

In this big wave of digital transformation commanded by the upcoming technology tsunami, all functional departments in a company should proactively anticipate the potential changes and challenges, and get involved in actions at an early stage.

The Human Resource function is particularly crucial, and in many cases it will be the X-factor affecting the success of a company. This is not just for technology companies but applicable to companies in general.

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