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Talent Management

Personnel risk outsourcing

We help management reduce human resource costs and improve personnel risk management.

Labor contract and related agreement review and modification Review and modifications on labor contracts, training contracts, service contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, resignation agreements, etc.
Staff manual review and modifications Staff manual review and modifications on key areas.
Personnel system review and modifications gement system etc Review on the personnel management policies and modifications: recruitment, labor contract, entry, overtime pay, termination, reward and punishment, training, salary, performance as well as leave management systems etc.
Labor rules consulting Day-to-day advice and consulting on labor rules and emergency incidents.
Labor dispute consulting services Labor dispute agents, labor rules consulting and advice and handling of emergencies for enterprises.
Specific scope human resources audit Specific scope and objective human resources audit, to assist the management to understand the situation.

Compensation and benefits structuring management

We support companies in enhancing employee loyalty and reducing the risk of labor disputes.

Rational structural adjustment on basic salary, overtime pay, bonuses, allowances and relevant items Establish performance-oriented pay structure, improve management efficiency, control labor costs; Legally reduce overtime pay, enhance the incentivizing effect of the compensation structure, prevent labor disputes
Welfare system design: statutory welfare, unified welfare, welfare incentives, special welfare According to customer needs, co-ordinate the design of welfare projects, as well as the proportion and the amount of the amount to enhance employee satisfaction
Personal income tax planning and payment Legally structure tax efficient planning to reduce effective tax burden
Social insurance and provident fund planning and payment Legally conduct planning of social insurance and provident fund for better staff retention
Performance assessment and management Establish proper staff assessment system, conduct fair and open assessment standards to stimulate morale
Management information system Assist in the establishment of management information systems, for providing timely information on staff feedback

Human resources outsourcing

We assist HR department in dealing with various tasks by service outsourcing, and managing head counts.

Employment procedures and the signing of labor or service contracts Assist in the employment procedures and signing of labor or service contracts with staff
Attendance assessment, reward and punishment program Support regular attendance recording and assessment work, implement rewards and punishments program
Dispatch of salary and benefits Assist in verification and timely dispatch of employee salaries
Deposit social insurance and housing provident fund contributions Assist with employee social insurance and housing provident fund deposit procedures
Work injury, accidents Assist in handling employee work injury and accidents
Terminate contracts and handle departure procedures Assist in the relieving and termination of labor or service contracts, and carry out relevant departure procedures
Work permit, visa application Work permit and visa for foreigners, residence permit for introduction of talents

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